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The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.”

Off to a great start this Monday morning, and I am very confident others are as well. Mondays have always been important to me – setting the stage for a great week ahead, Mondays – in my opinion – either make or break you. Launching the week in a positive mode sets me up for good things to come. I established my goals for the week (with stretch, but still attainable) with plans in place; my week’s calendar is set. My mind is clear – and positive – with no barriers currently in view that might stand in the way of a most productive week.

Emerson’s quote shown above is one of my favorites, since I am typically task-oriented. So, as I look forward to the week, I am certain there will be feelings of reward(s) among the many emotions this week. And, I am hopeful that those satisfying feelings might be the result of helping you accomplish at least one of your agenda items this week.

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