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There’s not always a bridge in place to take you to the next destination. In the Executive Search and Job Seeking world, it can be a real challenge preparing for the next job. We work hard to know the environment that our candidates are entering. We also get to know our candidates with in-depth screening and interviewing. Yet, we literally cross our fingers that the new partnership forming will solidify and lead to great things.

Our success rate is phenominal – knock on wood! We go to great lengths to help our candidates preare for their new workplace. We encourage our candidates to ask the right questions to get a good feel about their new organization. We are contracted by an organization to represent them as we bring the best of the best for their consideration. At the same time, we represent our non-paying candidates to the best of our ability.

It seems a bit unorthodox – “coaching” our candidates to better prepare them for interviews with our “paying clients.” However, putting candidates at ease, preparing them for the day ahead, and helping them hone interpersonal skills to develop a partnership is key to the process. It will not do anyone any good if the relationship-building process does not develop, and candidates usually need some help as they really get to know the company and vice versa.

Recruiters and job seekers need to create the bridge to cross from candidate to employee. As the recruiting process develops, it is important to address the assimilation process, so that the new employee can hit the pavement running on day one (or, at least day two!). Candidates need to know what they will be facing. Recruiters can – and should – be helping the candidates build the bridge and cross it, preparing their candidates to charge into their new position with energy and excitement about this new opportunity.

We’ve helped many people cross that bridge…we can help you, too!

Have a great day!