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Bill collecting…There are always a few stragglers – invoices lost, never received, in process, send me a new invoice, already paid it…to name a few of the ever-present responses to my requests for payment. Persistence prevails, and ultimately, payment is received. It’s amazing how the process works. Especially amazing is the “already paid it” response, which inevitably means they were calling my bluff. When asked for proof of payment, they produce either nothing or payment for a previous invoice! Fortunately, our clients are extremely forth-coming, and resolution is always the result. We are very fortunate, to say the least, and our issues are easily resolved.

These are common traits to the “job seeking” world, where getting responses to emails and phone calls is always a challenge. I have always maintained that finding a new opportunity is a quantitative game – keeping track of actions is a must, so that follow-up communications are easily tracked wacithout redundant – and irritating to the hiring manager – actions. It’s important to be “borderline pesty,” not a total pest. Estabishing “dunning days” is an especially effecitive way. Use the 1st and the 15th of each month to reach out to contacts whom have not responded to your most recent mailing. To separate yourself from your competition, CALL!

Get through the gate keeper and speak directly with your contact. By doing so, you are demonstrating your desire to take the conversation to the next step. If you haven’t heard “no,” you are still in the running. You have more time to present what you can bring to the organization that others cannot. Follow up on the next “dunning day.” You will ulitmately resolve the issue: “sorry, no,” or “let’s talk.” Actually there’s a third option – no response to your “dunning days” would tell me that this a person not deserving of my talents. Best to move on!

“Borderline pesty dunning days” – twice a month works! Not to forget, “If you don’t go, you don’t get!”

Have a terrific day!