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One of my favorite writings by author unknown claims there are not good days nor bad days. “They are just days. Days filled with ups and downs.” How true! And in the many days involved in a job search – as a recruiter searching for candidates or as a job seeker searching for a new opportunity, no doubt the ups and downs are many. The recruiter’s top candidate drops out or fails to show for an interview – or even fails to show up on the scheduled first day. A Job Seeker’s dream job lost to another candidate. Total disaster! A definite downer.

The challenge: getting back to the “up” mode. Working through the slump often means going back to the basics of job search. Keep in mind that successful completion of your search – whether a recruiter or a job seeker – is all about the numbers. Roughly 10% of résumés submitted or reviewed will be considered. 10% of those will actually lead to a conversation by phone. 10% of the conversations will lead to an on-site or virtual interview. 10% of the interviews will lead to an interview with the hiring manager. There could be more interviews and fallout. Finally, the odds are better – over 30% of the hiring manager final interviews will lead to a job offer. That presents many potential times for disappointment, which makes it ever so critical to have a game plan to deal with the down times of the day.

It’s easy to say “Just jump right back into the search.” And, while that might be a great way to recover, perhaps it’s not the best. It might be a better option to step back and reflect. What could have been done better? Could I have done anything in the process that would have increased my odds of completing a successful search? It’s a good time to regroup, refine, and return to your search with renewed vigor. Manage the downs…pump yourself up and go for it. As the Lake Champlain ferry operator once said, “If you don’t go…you don’t get.”

Have a great, “up-filled” day!