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Resource Development Company’s constant challenge is “fit.” Will our candidates “fit” the environment which our candidates will face. Typically, our candidates line up very quickly with the qualifications and experience. Many recruiters stop there. But, our process requires taking our qualification process to the next step: “fit.” We take extra steps to ensure that the candidate will successfully transition into the new working environment as an effective, productive, new member of an existing team.

One of my most memorable “team” experiences took place 20 or so years ago. My days as Manufacturing Manager for a new product being introduced by Warner & Swasey in Cleveland, Ohio were highlighted by the team focusing on initiating new techniques – including an assembly line – an industry first. I am reminded how fortunate I was to have such great people surrounding me as we faced any number of challenges.

We were a “plant within a plant” that was intended to challenge the standards and install new processes – including thinking – to produce a low-cost, high-quality product to challenge the competition. I was privileged to hire the best of the best – and stressed that “team” orientation and “curiosity” to find the best solution possible were key to our success.

“Fit” was essential – skilled technicians, support staff, and managers – working together with a common goal. We struggled with new designs and new assembly techniques amidst a constant pressure to begin shipping. Technical challenges prohibited shipping, and ultimately the battle ground between our manufacturing team and other W&S functional areas began to grow. Were we facing unrealistic sales specifications? Was the engineering design practical and possible? Were our manufacturing processes impractical – or even impossible?

We overcame the many challenges and were ultimately successful in producing a competitive product, but not without a lot of angst and frustration. But, the overriding comradery – trust and confidence in our joint efforts to overcome the challenges – is what I most remember. Memories of working with Joe, Brian, Bob, and a myriad of great people remain vivid. And, that is the challenge of today’s recruiters – finding the right person at the right time for the right place…who “fits.”

Resource Development Company, Inc. carries on this tradition – helping companies build high-performance organizations by bring candidates with “fit” in mind. We’ve done it…and, we can help you do it, too!