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Today’s news reports that job openings are up. Obviously good news for Job Seekers looking for new opportunities. However, there is troubling news that we don’t read about: BLS also reports Voluntary Quits, which are currently trending down. This puts continued pressure on recruiters as the reluctance of candidates to leave their current employ prevails.

That’s another reason to consider Resource Development Company Inc search consulting services. As relationship builders, we spend our initial time “screening in” to ensure that we are including as many qualified people in our candidate pool. But, when the “screening out” process begins, we shift our efforts to make certain candidates are in fact candidates. We have experienced – more times than we like – candidates who pull out of the running because they don’t want to leave their position. Perhaps they simply used us to leverage a raise or promotion. On the other hand, they just didn’t want to take the risk of moving from what appeared to be a secure position to a new position at a company they didn’t really know.

That’s where our relationship building becomes critical. We challenge candidates to give thought to whether they are really serious about quitting – not just once, but throughout the hiring process. We make certain they know key people and the corporate culture of the potential new company. We know it can be very difficult to “quit.” We discuss it, provide ample time to really think about it, and through the process of getting to know our candidates, we can establish whether this is really going to work. As the result, we have satisfied candidates – they appreciate our candor and honesty as they pull their names from the pool – or, they trust us and move on in the process to seek new opportunities. We work extremely hard to know our candidates and the likelihood of successful moves to new opportunities. And, we make certain our candidates have as much information as possible about the new opportunity – the position and the environment.

We take the required time to know our candidates. Client companies are confident that as the result of our relationship building, our candidates receiving offers accept – and they show up. But, it didn’t just happen. As the result of our relationship building, we are most certain that we have made the right connection between our candidate and our client company.

Have your best day ever!