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“Get the things in your way out of the way.”
Founder, MatthewGoodrich.company

Conducting your job search entails many forms of initiative-taking. Throughout your search, the 7 levels of initiative are consistently challenged. In reality, however, some semblance of “Just do it” prevails.
  • The 1st level of initiative is to do nothing. How can we consider taking no initiative as a viable option in job search? It’s a simple answer: we can’t!
  • Level 2 – asking your boss what to do – is also a no brainer: Don’t do it! Get to work – make your plan and work it!
  • Level 3 – Deciding what to do and asking your boss for permission: Don’t do it! It’s best to keep it a secret as long as you can – your boss will be told in due time.
  • Level 4 – Decide what to do and start – then tell your boss: this is an option only when your job search is fully launched and you are worried about your boss finding out about it! Best to avoid it and get the new job without publicity.
  • Level 5 – Same as 4, but past the point of no return. Same logic as 4 applies.
  • Level 6 – Same as 5, but you have the new job and are simply giving notice. Definitely a great way to move forward.
  • Level 7 – Just do it and don’t worry about your boss – S/he’s history! Use some judgment – it is not a good idea not to burn bridges, so give ample notice when all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. When in doubt, take the initiative – Knowing how much or how little to push is the key.
When clearly looking at initiative in the Job Search Market, it’s best to remember to look at it this way: who’s the boss of your career? You only need to answer to yourself. Matthew is right – clear the path…get to work and keep at it until the job is done!
Help make it a great day. If you don’t go, you don’t get!