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Perhaps the biggest challenge for today’s hiring manager is getting to really know the top candidate(s) with the qualifications, experience, and personality to fill the position. Qualifications and experience are relatively easy to assess through interviews, references, and research. The remaining challenge of really knowing the candidate remains. We can really help with that!.

Candidates presented by Resource Development Company, Inc. will have overcome that challenge. Over the years, our staff has implemented various methods and assessments of final candidates to ensure that the real person is presented. Our interviewing techniques and behavioral assessments help us probe the “inner workings” of each person. Our knowledge of the organization for whom we are recruiting helps us determine the “fit” of each candidate. As the result of those efforts, we are confident that we are in a position to present a complete assessment of our candidates to the hiring manager.

And, talk about references! We’ve been known to visit candidates in their office to get a glimpse how they interact in their current environment. We talk with people who are familiar with the candidate. We conduct background research of credit, motor vehicle, and legal issues. Most importantly, we talk with our candidates throughout each step of the process through which we really get to know our candidates.

RDC provides more than the cover of the package…our clients receive the contents of the package with written reports and reviews of each candidate submitted.

Does your current recruiter do all that?

Have a great day!