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In the current job market, recruiters and hiring managers are being inundated with résumés. Many resort to using automated tracking systems to identify the right candidate. Unfortunately, this process has two possible outcomes – your résumé can either be picked or be completely filtered out. To achieve the former state, your résumé must contain the right keywords to at least get a first look.

Conducting thorough research on the company, as well as on the specific position can help you identify key words that can be incorporated in your résumé including your personal job title, introduction statement, and throughout the actual body. This is known as keyword optimization. Imagine that you are going to Google yourself. If you want to be at the top of a search, you have to include specific words, the more the better. You don’t want to end up on the tenth page of the search results. The same idea applies to customizing your résumé and making it as relevant to the targeted job as possible.