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“We are migrants through time.”

Mohsin Hamid in his book Exit West (New York NY: Riverhead Books 2017) tells the amazing story of two young frends facing the challenges of a civil war. Their combined energies carried them through horrendous times in an amazing story of challenges and fears intertwined with warmth and tenderness. While there is absolutely no comparison in terms of life in general, the story made me think of the challenges and fears of today’s job seekers.

Seeking a new opportunity presents many challenges, as there very likely are more than one stakeholder in the search for a new position. Many job seekers are supporting more than one person, so there is reason to think twice about leaving a situation currenlty providing for food and shelter. And, in the case of the unemployed, there is even more reason to be concerned about continued support for the family. The emotions that one faces in this time of the unkown can range from fear to total letdown on any given day. I have experienced it…and, I have witnessed it. Coping best describes an emotion that many job seekers must avoid but may very well face.

Job Seekers are in fact migrating. And, if during this time you feel the emotions of coping, it’s time to re-evaluate your process. Every day has its ups and downs, but moving quickly through the downs is imperitive – if you don’t, coping will take over your mindset. You simply can’t let that happen, and you must remain committed to returning to the basic model for gaining new opportunities. As I’ve said before, it’s all about the numbers…

  1. How many hours per day are you spending on your job search?
  2. How many organizations have you identified as targets for possible employment?
  3. How many contacts have you identified as productive networking possibilities?
  4. How many phone calls have you made today?
  5. How many emails have you sent today?

If you are truly engaged in the process, your answer to question number 1 must be more than 6, followed by double digit answers in questions 2 through 5. This is a big-time job, and keeping positive in your search is, in my opinion, very much dependent upon keeping up with the numbers -migrating through activities that create results. As the process continues, you will find that your research will become more discriminating, looking at specific oranizations and openings that are more relative for your skills. And, as that happens, the call volume might become less about how many total calls and more about how many productive calls.

The key thing to remember, however, is that your numbers are an indicator of your ulitimate success. We are indeed migrating through time, and the better we are at being productive, creating and taking advantage of possibilities, and quickly moving through the valleys, the more likely we will be to garner that opportunity of a lifetime.

If you don’t go…you don’t get.

Help make today a terrific day!