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Take a look at any Job Search process, and the major components consist of creating résumés, cover letters, self-evaluations, and commercials – all very important steps that every Job Seeker must endure when executing a successful job search. That said, it is important to realize that, while the successful search steps through these phases, the end result of the process is to define your brand and crystallize your message – you know yourself, you know what you bring to the job market, and you know to precisely enunciate your brand.

In years past, résumés and cover letters were without a doubt the most critical entryway to possible opportunities. While they remain important, their importance as a pure marketing piece has decreased. With the emergence of Company Job Boards and social media, résumés have in many ways become a supporting piece to the recruiting puzzle. In the past, job seekers typically sent out their résumés to attract attention; however, today’s job seekers face many companies and recruiters utilizing other means – especially social media – to attract candidates – many times well in advance of the opening actually being posted.

That’s why your online presence is critical. LinkedIn remains the number 1 online recruiting source. Consequently, when your résumé has reached its current “final” form, using it to expand your profile will increase your online potential and help take advantage of an excellent vehicle to reach recruiters.

Résumés are indeed critical – to help define your brand and to crystalize what you bring to the market. They require intensive thought and concentration and are well worth the time invested to help define the brand called “YOU!”