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I’ve had a “sort-n-save bank” for years. It does a great job of separating my change into neat silos for rolling quarters, nickels, pennies, and quarters. Sadly, I am finding it is becoming less and less useful, since the days of dumping coins on to the counter are long past. If I am not charging the expense to a credit card, I am leaving the change as a tip. The natural coin savings plan is going dry!

It reminds me of my file cabinets, where we stored hard-copy files of everything – client records, company records, bank statements, tax records…you name it. Too many cabinets to recall. That’s changed, too. Electronic billing and payment, emailed invoices, and website payments have eliminated paper. Payroll processing and records are electronic, company records and employee files are stored electronically, and file cabinets have been reduced to 1 – with some question as to whether we could even discard it. The Cloud is prevailing!

Our clients even get it – it’s all about email, pdf documents, and electronic invoices and payment. Hard-copy documentation is disappearing.

Our computers are our new file cabinets. If you’re like I am – my files are now much better organized, easily retrievable, and relevant, as archiving has become extremely simple (no more shredding!). “Organized desk, organized mind” has migrated, too “Organized computer, organized mind.”

Life is good…in an kind of organized way!

Be well, and enjoy your week-end!