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The daily email volume always includes inquiries from individuals lookng for job opportunities. The forms and formats vary widely, and I find myself intrigued by some…turned off by others…and totally impartial to the vast majority. It amazes me how quickly views are formed from a simple document called a résumé. While I often comment that a résumé is not all that it’s cut out to be, my daily actions do not reflect that opinion.

“The résumé has been replaced by LinkedIn!” That is certainly the opinion of some – and, in many ways it has. Many positions are filled without even a posting as recruiters simply source candidates through LinkedIn. Naturally, in those cases, the LinkedIn profile is more important than the résumé. That said, one should not downgrade the importance of a good, creative résumé.

There are several techniques that are used in résumés that intrigue me, namely:

  • The format causes me to pause – it’s unique…it’s different
  • The reason for consideration is obvious – the top lines are devoted to what the candidate can deliver
  • Unique skills and qualifications are noted – Specific skills are noted in the top third of the page

Pretty simple…and, résumés like that are very much in the minority from my perspective. Naturally, as a recruiter, it would be detrimental if I only considered these résumés. Final consideration is always given to qualifications and experience – not the résumé. However, creative résumés sure do help the candidate stand out from the competition.

Spend the time to make your résumé count. Show your creativeness while appealing to the time crunch that recruiters are under. Help them easily see why you are the person with the skills and ability to meet – or exceed – their needs!

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Have a great day!