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We have designed unique and comprehensive programs for individuals seeking new opportunities.  Our approach is to create a foundation of preparedness with a focus on the best strategies to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our primary goal is to help our clients crystallize their “brand” message to make certain they are pursuing opportunities for which they are best suited. By committing to this program, our clients have a clear focus on what opportunities make sense to pursue and position themselves to articulate their precise goals and ambitions. The process includes developing follow-up marketing pieces to aggressively pursue each and every opportunity that presents itself. It’s hard work…but, in the end, the optimum results occur.

Job Search Preparation

(3 or 6-hour packages)

Simply having the right experience is not enough in a highly competitive job market. RDC Hiring Edge provides to secure the desired position with professional marketing materials that will boost job search activities and separate our clients from the crowd.

Service Options:

  • – Information and coaching on essential job search skills and techniques
  • – Creation of marketing tools, including résumé, cover letter, 30-second commercial and LinkedIn account
  • RDCHiring Edge Job Search Assistance Manual
  • – Customized market information report for position type and industry (6-hour program only)

Job Search Assistance

(9, 12, 15 or 18-hour packages)

Career transition services are designed to help clients prepare for new opportunities as the result of loss of employment, lack of satisfaction with current employment, or similar circumstances which require job search assistance.

RDC Hiring Edge will conduct an intake conversation in combination with a needs assessment to identify specific issues and/or challenges to make the entire career transition process less stressful.

Service Options:

  • – RDC Hiring Edge DISC Assessment tool
  • – Information and coaching on essential job search skills and techniques
  • – Creation of marketing tools, including résumé, cover letter, 30-second commercial and LinkedIn account
  • – Customized market information report for potential positions and industry
  • – Contact information for networking and informational meetings
  • – Preparation for networking and interviewing
  • RDC Hiring Edge Job Search Assistance Manual
  • – Access to the RDC Hiring Edge online portal with searchable, location-specific information 

RDC Hiring Edge Content Marketing Services

It is important for job seekers to develop a personal brand to match the best opportunities possible. RDC Hiring Edge Content Marketing Services are designed to strengthen brand presence, using consistent messaging across all platforms. This gives our clients the best possible online profile to appeal to the organizations with your dream job.

A Content Marketing approach involves optimizing your personal portfolio website, and then populating your site or LinkedIn profile with blog posts that establish industry expertise, promote thought leadership, and drive traffic through SEO-optimized content. This two-pronged approach ensures that your personal brand attains maximum exposure. Content Marketing services can help give you the edge in an environment of increasingly digital and automated hiring processes.

Personal Branding

RDC Hiring Edge Personal Branding Services are designed to provide assistance with developing a comprehensive personal brand and utilizing technology to communicate the unique value proposition of each individual.

Service Options:

  • – Job Search Assistance package
  • – Evaluating online profiles
  • – Developing and implementing a personal website
  • – Creating a personal blog
  • – Content marketing