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RDC Trendicator

RDC utilizes the rate of change calculations to assist clients with assessing the challenges of employing the best of the best. Established in the early 70’s, the process incorporates ten to fifteen indices influencing opportunities, including BLS New Orders Durable, ISM Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, BLS Capacity Utilization, and BLS Voluntary Quit Levels.

Our analysis is available to client companies requesting specific data as it relates to the respective business of individual clients. The process is a proven technique to predict inventory requirements, sales order expectations, and many other specific data that helps define the challenges facing our clients. Call (267) 464-0188 or email rdc@rdcinc.com for additional information.

Up-dates are posted quarterly.

RDC Trendicator®

April 4, 2018

The volatile stock market is no comparison to the current RDC Trendicator Index, which is consistently trending upward!  Most encouraging is the fact that both the 3:12 index AND the 12:12 index are  trending over the 2016 rate of change. Comparing year-to-year data can be dangerous – especially since we have been in such a trough the past few years. However, the continuing upswing makes the numbers more and more convincing.

Job Openings and Voluntary Quit rates are on the upswing, and manufacturing capacity actually pointed upward. Unemployment rates remain as low as can be expected. In spite of the good news, Job Seekers continue to face many challenges on the job front. There are many explanations surfacing. Our belief is that between technology improvements and outsourcing to contractors, many jobs have simply disappeared. In addition, hiring managers are being oh-so-particular about obtaining extremely specific skills and/or backgrounds and waiting until the so-called “perfect” candidate appears.

Nationwide hiring rate continues to exceed separations – but not by much. The employment (or lack thereof) world remains very volatile as organizations continue to contract and expand. We continue to be quite amazed at the number of people coming to us with no job, having either been severed or put up with long hours and no rewards far too long. They have quit with hopes of finding better alternatives.

Job Seekers must remain aggressive in their search for new opportunities. New opportunities are out there, but it may take super hard work to find them. The word for this quarter: DigJob Search Tasks – dig deeper into your research channels to find the right company, the right position, and the right approach to land your next opportunity. Dig – your Job Search Hours – deeper to stretch your day and really focus on your daily tasks. Dig – your Downtime – deeper to take advantage of new opportunities for rest, exercise, and activities which will add to your experience and qualifications and increase your value opportunities.

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