About RDC

Helping Companies Build High Performance Organizations

Our Vision

To positively impact organizations and individuals by making the right connection between them.

Our Mission

To identify and develop critical strengths of clients to support a larger, growth-oriented vision in the most professional, ethical and timely manner possible.

Resource Development Company, Inc. was co-founded in 1981 by Craig Toedtman and his father as a privately held human resource management-consulting firm. With an emphasis on providing retained search and career management services, RDC works with growth-oriented clients across various industries that are focused on building high-performance organizations.

Our clients are market leaders (or intending to be), who recognize the benefits of “made-to-order” services and are extremely particular about their employees. RDC’s services utilize Malcolm Baldrige criteria to ensure superior customer service through constant communication and feedback, creative problem solving and effective use of technology.

Our consultants include a Baldrige examiner, certified HR professionals, and business executives who have “been there” and have a track record of delivering the highest level of customer value. We accomplish this by defining our client’s opportunities for growth, understanding their unique culture and implementing solutions, which are based on original research and apply to their exact requirements.