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Picture this: we were enjoying an after-dinner round-table with 4 1/2 to 60+ years represented, discussing numbers…yes, numbers – hundreds, thousands, millions. My definition of “google” being 1 followed by infinitive zeroes was quickly corrected to be 1 followed by 100 zeroes. I turned to Zachary, age 4 1/2 and asked “what’s the biggest number you know?” His answer: infinity…it took a while to recover. Totally amazed at his answer, as I was expecting to hear millions or trillions or zillions…Infinity was his answer. That conversation took me to today, and I think about the job market. I like to think the size of our potential job market is infinity; however, that is a bit staggering and probably not a good idea, since it would be easy to get lost. Thinking incrementally is the best approach – being realistic about what organizations are most appealing, will realize your potential contributions, and are approachable. When moving forward incrementally, there could be thoughts that there are no more organizations to pursue. But that’s where infinity comes to play. There are too many organizations to ever think there is not one that is the right one for you. The key in the Job Search is very similar to the age-old phrase “Think globally, act Locally.” Keep positive by knowing that your market is infinitesimal, but take it one potential market at a time.