How Deep Do You Go?

Finalizing hiring decisions is most likely the most difficult – and most important – decision managers face. Our emphasis on “metrics” and “numbers” while executing contracts has fallen short in our normal assessment of each hiring process. It is unfortunate that we haven’t tracked the time taken from the time our ultimately successful candidate was submitted to our client to the time s/he begins employment. My bet it that the time has extended three-fold over the last 20 years.

What is taking so long?!? A portion of the time can be attributed to researching the candidate’s background. No matter what size your company, RDC can provide a comprehensive package of recruiting and screening solutions designed to meet your unique staffing requirements. Across all functional areas, whether it is a management, supervisory or individual contributor role, RDC can help you achieve your goals in a professional, cost effective, and timely manner.

Our detailed background checks utilize contracted background research sources as well as internal reference check processes to ensure the final candidate begins employment with our hiring managers having a complete assessment of the candidate. We go deep!!! We offer flexible, cost-effective packages to provide all the information you need to make well-informed hiring decisions, including employment history, education verification, licensure / certification, criminal history, motor vehicle reports, social security number verification, credit history, military verification of DD214, and Workers’ Compensation Claims History.

Online initiation provides quick and easy initiation and turnaround, providing you with electronic reports in a matter of days!

We are committed to make your hiring decisions go smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. Rather than sift through hundreds of resumes, many of which will not come close to the position specifications, resulting in wasted time and effort on the part of your hiring team, utilizing our solutions will significantly streamline the recruiting process, giving you the freedom to work more efficiently and strategically.

From placing confidential want ads, to screening resumes, interviewing candidates, selecting a final slate of qualified individuals, conducting assessments, background checks and detailed references, RDC can do as much or as little as you require. You make the decision on the level of service that makes sense and fits within your budget.