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To paraphrase the  “Friends” theme song, career wise, do you ever feel as if you are stuck in second gear? Perhaps you are in a job that seems to be going nowhere, or you are looking for new opportunities. At some point, you were on track in terms of your career development.  But what comes next?

Here are a few suggestions:

Develop your self-awareness

How well do you know yourself?  It is vital to understand what makes you tick.  What is your personality like now? What are your values, skills, motivations, and interests?  Answering those questions can help you identify your next career or find ways to improve your current one. Start now by clicking here to take advantage of the RDC assessment tools. Sign up to begin your personalized RDC Hiring Edge DISC Assessment to get to know yourself!

Understand the job market

Once you better understand yourself, the next step is to learn more about the job market. The world of work is changing rapidly. Staying relevant requires acquiring new skills and know which skills are in demand.

Researching your profession could also help you identify the skills that are crucial within your industry. A good strategy is to look at job ads to see what skills employers are specifically requesting.  Search LinkedIn to research openings that might be appropriate. Visit Job Boards to see what opportunities are available. Take off the blinders and rule positions in – not out…don’t limit your opportunities by eliminating positions that might be attainable!

Look for guidance from others

It always helps to have some guidance when creating a career strategy.  Consider enlisting the support of a career counselor or mentor. A career counselor could help you develop the best career plan and guide you through the process, giving you insights and holding you accountable. A mentor can give you some guidance and insights from their own experiences. Need ideas? Visit RDC Hiring Edge Career Services and sign up! Now is the time to consider job search strategies that create opportunities. Whether your career needs a tweak or an overhaul, weighing your options and creating a new plan is a crucial step.

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