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There are numerous ways to market your personal brand and increase your Google quotient including writing articles, joining discussion groups, and participating in Q&A with your target audience. I was recently made aware of a website (www.focus.com) that provides the opportunity to share your expertise and make it available to a worldwide audience.

From their website, Focus describes itself as a network of thousands of leading business and technology experts who are thought leaders, veteran practitioners and upstart innovators in hundreds of different topics and markets. Individuals can connect with theses experts in three primary ways: Q&A, Research, and Events. Whatever the method, you can personalize all of the expertise on Focus by following specific topics and Experts. Focus is easy to use and freely available to anyone.

While Experts come from different backgrounds, ranging from day-to-day practitioners to recognized thought leaders, all Focus Experts share the following characteristics:

  • Deep subject matter expertise in a specific topic or market with an ability to provide meaningful insights into specific issues and decisions that members of the Focus community need help with.
  • Willingness to help other professionals by sharing their knowledge and insights both online and in offline formats.
  • Possess strong social networks in the relevant topic or market.
  • Focus is definitely worth investigating as another part of your personal brand marketing strategy.