It’s a New Year…and January is quickly flying by…

There is a lot to be said about the phrase “time flies.” And, sometimes it appears that time flies faster than at other times. 2018 seems to qualify as flying really fast. 18 days into the year, and we have experienced more inquiries than our average¬†total month stats. Perhaps the website is working. Perhaps the tweets are working. Perhaps the advertising is working. Perhaps the expanding network is working. Who knows? While it is tempting to determine what is working versus what is not, it seems to me that the combination of all marketing attempts is what makes it works. Our chain of tools is working…and, we’re not inclined to break it! Making the time (not taking) to make it happen is most important, and we are dedicating time and treasures to make certain we do not skip a beat. If it’s working, don’t break it!

This formula applies to every Job Search. There are many avenues to a new opportunity. Postings, LinkedIn research, ads, public boards, email campaigns, networking, and the like. What works best? Today’s vibes suggest LinkedIn is the primary source for recruiters to find candidates. Obviously, LinkedIn profiles tout your brand, making it extremely important to keep up-dating and tuning your profile to increase the odds of “being found.” That said, be reminded that the other platforms should not be neglected. Keep your marketing chain secure by making the time to take advantage of all avenues available to obtain new opportunities.

Three key actions to consider:

– Determine how many hours a day you will devote to your job search and lock in a specific daily schedule.
– Break those hours into 3 segments:

Researching opportunities – identifying markets, companies, and contacts.
Contacting – phone and/or email – to make connections (we push call/write/call theory – very few people reach out initially via phone, so calling could make you unique!
Following up – don’t think that one call will make it happen. Following up is another often-skipped step. Call/write/call again! You’d again be unique!

– Take time off to prepare for a fresh start tomorrow. Stay fit, eat and sleep right, and enjoy some entertainment.

Time is flying…maintaining a strict schedule goes a long way to ensure that you are not missing opportunities. Be rigid. Stick to it. And, then enjoy your breaks. It works…

And, speaking of breaks, fly with the Eagles this week-end – on the road to victory – as Philadelphia comes alive with a HUGE opportunity on Sunday night! E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!