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Moving on to Greater Things . . .

As you may know, since March 1st of this year, the administration of JobMetrx Career Services has been managed by the IMPACT Groupbased in St. Louis MO, under the watchful eye of Laura Hutchins. With the completion of services for the final JobMetrx clients, Laura will be launching her “second career, as she contemplates applying her various career services skills in the corporate arena.

Laura joined Resource Careers in 1989 and has not changed her desk since then, although companies were acquired around her – from Resource Careers to Options Resource Careers to Resource Development Company to Dwellworks, back to Resource Development Company, and finally to IMPACT Group. Company names may have changed, but Laura’s rock-steady presence remained, as she managed career services to ensure that our relocating clients received the very best possible job search support, as they pursued new opportunities. Thousands of clients moving to locations around the world were initially greeted by Laura to launch their job search services, and they knew whom to call if any problems arose. Laura defined dedication.

Laura developed a cadre of advisors – the best of the best – to provide the on-the-ground support for our job seekers. Our advisors remained extremely loyal and dedicated, thanks to the care and attention given to them by Laura. They, too, knew whom to call for assistance and support.

Laura’s 28 years of devotion, hard work, and amazing fortitude has been unmatched, and we can’t thank her enough for all she has done for our company, our advisors, and our clients. We extend our heartfelt wishes for good health and happiness as she moves forward.

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