We receive huge numbers of resumes from people searching for new opportunities. Each person is doing their best to present her/himself in the best way possible to generate interest. Lately, I’m becoming more aware of people looking for shortcuts to have someone else do the work in their search – the most common being having an outside source generate your emails.

As a person interested in connecting with clients and/or future clients, I make a personal commitment to respond to emails – including requests for consideration for any open projects currently underway. When applicants use outside sources to send emails, the chances of receiving a response from me – and, I suspect, any others emailed not using your personal addresses – are greatly reduced.

I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again: send your own emails, using your personal email address. By doing so, your chances of hearing from recipients are greatly increased.

  • Personalize your job search campaign. Use names not “sir or madame” or “recruiter” or whatever.
  • Address your target recipient with her/his name.
  • Use your personal email address as your return address, making it easy for recruiters to respond without having to research your contact information.

Our primary goal is to help people make the right connections. Hopefully, this tip will help make certain you generate a response to your email. Making a personal connection will definitely help!

Good luck – and, in the words of Jess Ponce III, Be an everyday celebrity and shine!