Navigating the New World of Remote Working

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In the pre-2020 world, starting a new job might have provoked some “first day jitters.” Today’s world of work has employers and employees navigating a steep learning curve.

The acceptance of permanent remote working or hybrid work structures has blurred a few lines.

Frankly, some lines have yet to be drawn.  Nevertheless, there are some guidelines to help you navigate the world of working remotely.

  1. Communicate clearly with EVERYONE –  Over communications is not a bad thing. Where your boss is concerned, be sure to know what is expected of you, how often your manager wants you to check-in, and how frequently the manager wants you to send updates on projects. Be sure to keep the critical work teams updated on processes, procedures, and progress. Share as much detail as possible, even if it seems extraneous.
  2. Anticipate emergencies — consider mapping out a contact tree for when emergencies arise at different hours of the day. That will help if you- or a team member- have technical or other issues when the main office is closed.
  3. Keep to a routine – it’s essential to set boundaries such as when your day begins or when you have breaks, and when you close down for the day. Treat your time with respect, and it will be respected.
  4. Stay Grounded – Make sure you have a dedicated workspace that is yours alone.  Build in a contact system with co-workers the allows you to interact with them away from the project. And be aware that, just because you work from home, there are times you need to unplug. Don’t disallow vacations or personal days.  

Remember, we are all navigating this new world together.

For now, our New Normal requires some careful thinking.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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