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The adage that “Past perormance is no guarantee of future results” may be true, but not when it comes to services provided by Resource Development Company, Inc. Since its inception in 1981, our clients have a common theme: quality counts. We take great pride in our ability to find the “hard-to-find” candidate and work with our client to recruit the best of the best. Our services make the right connections!

Today’s investors are most likely adjusting expectations as the market gains top out at record prices. When it comes to services provided by RDC, there is no need to adjust the expectation bar. We continue to refine our practices and processes to ensure that we continue to provide state-of-the-art research, unmatchable interviewing and matching techniques, and business “wisdom” based upon successful business practices. We take great pride as we work extremely hard to make the right connections – with the right people at the right time and the right place.

Several years ago, we developed our Key Performance Indicators and embarked on a benchmark study to ensure that we are – in our opinion – staying ahead of the competition. Take a look at our table, and it is my firm belief that you will see why. Compare our measures with your current source. If your source is matching or exceeding our results, I’ll be surprised. Stick with them, if they are. More than likely, there will be a gap between what you are currently receiving versus what RDC will provide.

We guarantee our work – have never failed to make certain that our clients have hired the best person possible. We’re very proud of that.

Make today your best day ever!