Personal Branding – Be Relevant

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Dan Schawbel offered these tips from his Personal Branding newsletter.

  • Challenge Yourself
    If you feel comfortable doing your current job, then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. The more you challenge yourself, the more you can learn, grow, and ultimately increase your value.
  • Stay Current
    Subscribe to blogs, news websites, and trade association e-newsletters. This will help you know the trends, resources, and new technologies that are shaping your industry. Your knowledge will help you do your job better.
  • Reach Out
    Try to connect with at least one new person each day. By developing this habit, you will grow your network, and thus create more opportunities. Make your life one giant networking event.
  • Make the Commitment
    While it is vital to have a professional résumé, no amount of well-written words can communicate your commitment to continuous learning if you don’t stay current. Take training courses when they’re offered by your employer or sign up for new educational opportunities, and make a point of learning and applying new skills. Then when it’s time to write your résumé, you’ll have more to show.

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