Life-long learning is an ever-popular mantra that makes a lot of sense. But how do we make the time to subscribe?!? That question makes it very clear…we “make the time.” A perfect way to do that is through reading books. Read daily, and keep your reading material lined up for the next read. It’s a lot like your workday – 1/3 research, 1/3 preparation, 1/3 execution.

Research the latest – your local public library, GoodReads, Amazon Books, New York Times Best Sellers, Audible Books, to name a few. Discipline yourself to have the next book or article ready when you finish your current read. The GoodReads app provides a great way to manage your reading list. Its “bookshelves” provides the capability to track what you’ve read, what you’re going to read, and what you might want to read. And, to add to your discipline, set goals and measure your success, using their goal-setting feature.

While I haven’t found a real need to maintain annual goals for books read, I must admit that my competitive nature makes me want to read more books this year than last year. GoodReads makes me measure my success! So, do your research – keep the reading queue full!

Then prepare to read – on the exercise machine, out in the hammock, on a couch, or in a chair works perfectly. And, schedule the time – reading daily at designated times is the best approach to disciplined reading. Pick a time when you are rested, avoiding the notion to fall asleep while reading! Have a cup or glass of your favorite beverage with perhaps a munchie by your side, and you’re set to go. You are prepared to dive into the next chapter!

Execute your reading assignment with gusto! You are embarking on a new journey – the next paragraph, chapter, or book is hopefully tempting you with new and innovative thoughts. You are reading…and, you are contemplating possibilities for advancing, improving, and elevating your skills and abilities to meet your next opportunity head-on.

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