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In a recent Philadelphia Business Journal column, Terry Brock writes that Relationship Marketing is the most important activity we can do in business. In addition to “real communication,” whether in person or by phone, we can also use technology to stay close to prospects, customers, and important stakeholders including hiring managers.

Whatever the medium, it is about providing value to your audience. If your Twitter message is nothing more than what you had for breakfast, you deserve to be ignored. But, if you are sharing information that can be helpful or of interest to some of your followers, then you will be viewed favorably.

All of the social networking services are about connecting with people. Whether it’s a video on You Tube, a discussion on LinkedIn or a Tweet, a dedicated Relationship Marketer understands the power of all these tools. They also understand that’s it not about blowing their own horn, but it’s more about trying to help others.

Brock notes that the bottom line is being committed to become a true Relationship Marketer with a genuine care to solve other people’s problems. Applying this principle in your job search means utilizing all forms of communication to demonstrate that you are someone who provides value and stands out from the crowd. 

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