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In a recent WSJ article, Holly Finn writes how it’s time to worry about what you’ve spilled to the world. As she points out, reputation is a tricky business. While reputation was once a qualitative measure of our behavior, today’s digital world has made it quantitative.

There are now companies that apply online analytics to establish the weight of an individual’s “social capital,” meaning your online influence. These companies are developing actual numerical reputation scores for each of us, similar to a FICO credit score, but for our whole lives.

What others say about you will matter more and more. These scores will be used to make decisions about you. The ability to search online and forensically re-create people is very high and the risk that companies are willing to take on hiring people today is very low. This places great reliance on what someone can find online, often what’s on the first search page to make quick decisions about whom to hire. It has become more important than ever to be cognizant of and manage your online reputation. Don’t let a Google search negatively rule it.