It’s risky to enter the political world, but it is time to change our tune. My days are typically begun with a daily dose of  MSNBC’s Morning Joe for many years now, and I have very much respected Joe’s objective view of issues facing us. I, like Joe, am extremely frustrated with the state of our nation as we continue down a path mixed with partisan politics, imbalanced leadership, and, litigious confrontations on all fronts.

While we continue to be frustrated by our President, he is but one of three links in our chain of governmental action. Therefore, we should divide our daily discussions by 3 – highlighting the latest events in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the President! It seems to me that the lack of action in our Congress is perhaps more important than tweets by our President, and each Wing deserves daily analysis. From my view, we need to apply just as much pressure – if not more – on our Congress as we do on our President.

Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign Morning Joe provided a forum for campaigners to call in or visit, and our President took full advantage of the show’s willingness to accept calls – almost every day, as I recall. Morning Joe – perhaps more than any other media form – helped publicize his brand…through the President’s design and initiative – much more than other candidates.

By continuing to focus our President, we continue to market his brand, and it is time to change our tactics. Why don’t we single out our Congressional leaders and minimize the time our President is under the spotlight? He is an entertainer…and, we need to close his curtain. We need to pressure Congress to focus on the issues require action – gun control…immigration…health care…infrastructure.

Notice that I have referred to the President without mentioning his name. I am doing my part to keep him out of the spotlight. Let’s focus on Mitch & Chuck…and Paul and Nancy. They represent the other two links that need our attention. And, feel free to use their names!

Thank you for listening…and, I would really appreciate hearing your reaction…but action along these lines would be even better!