Finding a balance while making progress. . .

Focused, designated search times

The job search is a full-time job, yet so is your current job. Try to establish specific times during the week – “Job Search Office Hours” – to execute your job search. Set goals and deadlines, so that you conduct research and submit your applications in a timely fashion. Having only a few hours in the day to conduct your search for new opportunities requires that you push yourself to work efficiently. Hopefully, you will finish your day with new content to strengthen what you offer to a potential employer.


Can you block out four hours every Saturday? One hour every night? Don’t expect that your search for new opportunities is ever “done.” The challenge is to take advantage of free time whenever it appears. Establish a routine that fits into your work hours, so that your job search becomes an integral part of your week.

Reach out to your network

This looks differently for every person. Most likely you can’t reach out to your current coworkers for recommendations or post publicly on LinkedIn without risking your relationship with your current employer. Emailing and calling people personally is a great way to start your search without creating tension.

Keep up your hard work as an employee

It should go without saying, but don’t job search while you are at work. Stay focused and committed to work. Your goal may be a job elsewhere, but your current job deserves your full time, energy, and respect. Schedule interviews before or after work hours, or during lunch breaks. Recruiters should respect that you value your commitment to your current job.

When possible, be honest with your current boss

It’s hard to know when to bring up your intentions to change jobs with your boss. You don’t want to prematurely sound the alarm, which can foster feelings of disloyalty or possibly lead your current employer to take steps to terminate and replace you. Yet, honesty is critical in relationships, especially in the workplace. A job search can take a long time, so consider finding an appropriate way to bring up the idea that you are considering a move, so it is on their radar without suggesting urgency. Your employer will one day become you next letter of recommendation, so make sure to take care of that relationship with honest communication.

Don’t forget what you enjoy

Packing in job search hours outside of your job is only possible if you are still doing what you love. Make time for yourself. Honor your rest and relationships. It’s possible that during your down time that you will meet someone who shares your interests and knows of job openings in that area. Even if not, it’s a marathon not a sprint, so value your wellbeing.

Get expert advice

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