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It is said a chain is only as strong as the weakest link – and, we have extended that observation to teams being only as strong as the weakest member. Let’s take it one step further: your Job Search. The typical search entails researching (yourself and your target market), connecting (with key players in your target market), relationship-building (with hiring managers), and closing (getting hired). What’s your weakest link?

My challenge is connecting – making those cold calls to reach out. To overcome this challenge, I typically schedule 10 hours per week for marketing, spaced over Monday-Friday and at varying times of each day. Many years ago, I established a practice to honor that schedule by putting a headset is on my head as a reminder that if I’m not calling, I’m not connecting. Still my weakest link, but I have become disciplined to attack my weakness by making the calls.

So, what’s your weakest link in your Job Search strategy? Do yourself a favor and deal with it by altering your approach to ensure that the weakest link is not preventing you from executing a successful job search. RDC Hiring Edge can help you with that, so give us a call or schedule an appointment┬átoday!