Mission, Vision, and History


To positively impact organizations and individuals by making the right connection between them.


To identify, evaluate, and recruit the person meeting our client’s needs in the most professional, ethical, and timely manner possible


Resource Development Company Inc. provides consulting expertise to individuals and organizations committed to building and maintaining high performance organizations.

Our one-on-one consulting provides the opportunity to assess cultural issues, define positions and organizational fit, and relocate and orient potential and new employees to their new position strengthens our clients’ commitment to high performance.

Organized in 1981, the company began in Cleveland, Ohio. Its co-founder, Craig B. Toedtman, while maintaining a full-time position with a local employer, worked with high-tech manufacturing companies to develop and maintain a commitment to high quality service. The company strived to help organizations and individuals make the right connection between them by identifying, evaluating and recruiting the person meeting our client’s needs in the most professional, ethical and timely manner possible. In 1994 Christopher J. Bilotta joined the company, solidifying its venture in the Retained Executive Search Consulting market. The company is owned by Craig B. Toedtman.

While instilling quality remained the precursor to success, the demand for locating and helping people – future employees – became the major focus of our services.

Throughout its history, RDC placed heavy emphasis on the behavioral side of “fits” and, over the years has been involved in assessing cultures and candidates to ensure that the potential fit was realistic. One-on-one relationships were developed to help individuals and organizations realize their full potential by understanding their learning differences and behaviors. We face the challenges of orienting people to their new environment head-on.

In 2001, an opportunity was presented that would further enhance and expand our services to ensure that current and potential employees of our clients are assimilated into their new position – both at work and at home. The purchase of Resource Careers, Inc., a Cleveland Ohio based company, provided an excellent vehicle to help our clients ease the stress of employees facing relocation. Services included home/school search, community on-boarding, and Job Search Assistance Services for spouse/partners of relocated employees. This business was expanded in 2004 with the acquisition of Options Resource and Career Center, Inc. located in Houston, Texas. The operations were combined to form Options Resource Careers. Its growth plateaued in 2009, and the unit was sold to Dwellworks LLC, a Cleveland, OH corporation.

In September 2010, RDC introduced JobMetrx™, to assist job seekers with a target market of executives requiring assistance launching their search for new opportunities. In September 2013, following discussions with representatives of Dwellworks, RDC executed a formal Agreement to integrate Dwelllworks Career Services into the JobMetrx™ operations. In 2017, JobMetrx was sold to IMPACT Group, a human resource consulting company based in St. Louis, MO.

With the sale of JobMetrx, RDC has crystalized its focus on helping organizations and individuals make matches. Our Retained Search services remains a top-20 firm in the Philadelphia PA area, assisting organizations throughout the nation as they build high-performance organizations. RDC helps find the best of the best. We pride ourselves on our ability to locate hard-to-find individuals for our very demanding client companies.

RDC Hiring Edge Career Services continues its support for organizations providing outplacement benefits and for individual clients seeking new opportunities. We know what facing the uncertainty of organization restructuring and job loss. Our experienced Job Search Advisors located throughout the United States and many major global locations help clients create a job search strategy to launch a successful job search.