RDC Trendicator

RDC utilizes rate of change calculations to assist clients with assessing the challenges of employing the best of the best. Established in the early 70’s, the process incorporates ten to fifteen indices influencing opportunities, including BLS New Orders Durable, ISM Purchasing Manager Index (PMI),

RDC Trendicator® – June 30, 2021

Those of us in the Job Search world would never know it, but growth rates are positively trending. Most encouraging is the fact that both the 3:12 index AND the 12:12 index are continuing to exceed the 2020 rate of change. Comparing year-to-year data can be dangerous – especially following the volatility of data since the inception of COVID-19. However, the numbers 

are beginning to be convincing.

All data is trending positively These conditions are seemingly unending in spite of the challenges facing job seekers. There are many explanations surfacing as to why. Our belief is that the jobs that are open don’t match the skills of the applicants.

That said, how could voluntary quits be increasing? Great question. There are many explanations – technology has replaced many positions, and more and more people are opting for home-centered occupations and are under the BLS statistical sources. Or, they have been out of work so long that they are no longer eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits. The volume of people not returning to work following COVID-19 remains an issue. If media accounts are accurate, fewer people will be seeking jobs simply because they are nervous about returning to work at all.

Job Seekers must remain aggressive – more than ever – in their search for new opportunities. More is the word of the day: More contacts, More phone calls, More effort to extend research seeking potential opportunities.

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